Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Android ADB Interface This device cannot start. (Code 10) Error !

Today, I for the first time, I wanted to debug an application on an Android device. to do this, First you must install google usb driver which is located in the SDK folder. If its not there, You have to get it manually using the SDKManager.exe

After installing the driver as a new hardware I got this exclamation mark on the driver !

So, I googled and nothing came up. Then only it hit me to install my HTC phone drivers. I got the android drivers from here

Application - HTC Sync for all HTC Android Phones

after that i can still see the exclamation mark but Eclipse debugger can debug applications!. strange but it worked!

Or you guys can use my awsome app to connect to remote android devices without doing all this!

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  1. hai dude, i am also facing the same problem could u plz tell me the soultion for this problem