Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to export Outlook contacts to Android ?

I used to keep all my contacts on Outlook and today I wanted to sync all my contacts with my Android phone and i could not find a easy way to do it. Finally found a easy work around.

1. Open Outlook -> Select Contacts -> Select all contacts (Ctrl + A) -> Right Click -> Send As Business Card
2. This will popup a new email message window with all the contacts attached.
3. Save all the contacts to a folder.
4. Plug Android phone to PC - Select Disk Drive
5. copy above folder into android SD Card.
6. Open People/Contacts in android.
7. Press Menu Key -> Select Import from SD Card. This will look for all the vCard files in the phone.
8. Then you can select import all or one by one.

good luck


  1. Great, it worked, thanks a lot.

  2. i have tried many times but i am failed to do so as you have i am using Microsoft outlook 2007 i follow all these steps you have mentioned but there's no such option as "Send As Business Card"
    "popup for a new email message" please tell me how can i do this i have more than 500 contacts in my outlook i want to save them in my android mobile .....

    1. Try this.

      Goto Contacts - > Select all -> File -> Import and Export

    2. This only works if you have an email account configured.

  3. Excellent Idea, works well dear

  4. Drag and drop all contacts from outlook to any windows folder - it will create MSG files, then mass rename MSG to VCF, with cmd command: ren *.msg *.vcf

    thats it.

  5. I found on the official website of Outlook to vCard Export, "want to export outlook contacts to android " with configuration information on Outlook and Android contacts. http://www.vcardmagic.com/details/how-to-export-outlook-contacts-to-android-phone.html

  6. Realy works .. thanks a lot...

  7. best solution ever, everything else just messes up the field mapping or ends up in the notes box

  8. Thanks for sharing. It can also be done by some third-party transfer tools like MobileGo. It can help you export the outlook data which you want and transfer them to your phone. I found a tutorial with more details that may help you out : http://www.transphone.net/android-transfer/contacts-from-outlook-to-android.html Hope it helps!


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