Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eclipse Layout Editor Graphical Layout is not Showing or missing ?

Specify the Android Layout Editor as the default for Android XML files under Preferences -> General- >Editors->File Associations.

1. If Android layout editor is missing Add Android Layout Editor and make it default.
2. Close eclipse and restart. Otherwise this will not work.


  1. I found another solution,

    For some reason I had the same issue in my Kindle Fire. So I removed the device from USB cable, close the eclipse, plug my Android Phone, start eclipse back and goto design hola! it worked. Then i removed the phone and put the kindle fire back in

  2. Thanks for your very use full information. this is working perfectly.

  3. Another possible solution which worked for me. I went to Help > Check for Updates and installed the Android plug-ins as well as Android SDK Tools rev. 17. Restarted Eclipse and layouts are back.

  4. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I was fighting with this problem long time. :)

  5. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks alot me also fighting with this problem long time. :)