Thursday, May 30, 2013

Android 4.2 adb offline issue in Nexus 4 and Samsung S4

Today I plugged in Samsung S4 and it did not show up in the adb. So I tried my Nexus 4 and it did not show up either. When I tried S2 it worked. So I thought it's must be something in Android 4.

So I updated the SDK via SDK Manager.exe and still did not solve this problem. When I looked at the adb Android documentation it says

When you connect a device running Android 4.2.2 or higher to your computer, the system shows a dialog asking whether to accept an RSA key that allows debugging through this computer. This security mechanism protects user devices because it ensures that USB debugging and other adb commands cannot be executed unless you're able to unlock the device and acknowledge the dialog. This requires that you have adb version 1.0.31 (available with SDK Platform-tools r16.0.1 and higher) in order to debug on a device running Android 4.2.2 or higher.

When i checked my adb version after updating, it was still 1.0.29, strange somehow it did not download 1.0.31. So I downloaded the latest tool set from and copied the platform-tools folder to my existing folder and I did "adb version" and got 1.0.31. Now when I tried "adb devices" still not getting the device. Finally  I unplugged the USB cable and re-connected and It worked.

Make sure to check "trust this computer" so it will save the settings.


  1. Thanks soo much. I spent 5 hours of my day looking for this solution for my Samsung Galaxy S4. This worked great. Make sure to override the old version.

  2. Assuming everyone has USB debugging allowed, I also found that you need to change the USB connection from a media device to the photo transfer mode PPT I think it is. ADB always showed the device offline before I changed this.

  3. Thanks soooo much. This just saved me a ton of hair pulling.