Monday, July 28, 2014

How to decompile a ODEX file. Step by Step guide.

Updated on May 23rd 2017

With baksmali 2.2.0

java -jar baksmali-2.2.0.jar d boot-telephony-common.odex -o boot-telephony-common

java -jar smali-2.2.0.jar ass boot-telephony-common -o boot-telephony-common.dex

To look at all the classes inside a odex or oat,

java -jar baksmali-2.2.0.jar l classes boot-telephony-common.dex

Updated on March 25th 2016

Just wanted to make a quick update on this post because this post is outdated.

1. Download latest from

2. Extract and run gradlew.bat or gradlew

3. Files we need will be generated in


4. Copy smali-2.1.1-dev.jar and baksmali-2.1.1-dev.jar to another folder

5. adb pull /system/framework/arm/boot.oat /tmp/framework/boot.oat

6. java -jar baksmali-2.1.1-dev.jar -x -c boot.oat -d /tmp/framework -e /system/framework/framework.jar /tmp/framework/boot.oat -o framework


 adb pull /system/app/Stk/oat/arm64/Stk.odex Stk.odex

java -jar baksmali-2.1.1-dev.jar -x -c boot.oat -d /tmp/framework Stk.odex -o Stk

This will make Stk in this current dir.

8. Rebuild Stk

java -jar smali-2.1.1-dev.jar -o whatever.dex Stk

Thats all. Now you should see the whatever.dex in the current dir


Today, I wanted to decompile Samsung S4 framework2.odex file. As usual, I Googled on how to decompile odex files and nothing really up with step by step on how to decompile a odex file. So i wanted to put it here so it will help someone else one day.

1. Download smali (
2. Create baksmali folder and move all these files inside that folder.


3. Create folder "system" inside "baksmali"

4. Create folder "app" inside "system" folder

Folder structure should look like this.

5. Plug your android device, Open command prompt. Change the directory to  "app" folder and type

adb pull /system/app

This pull device's /system/app folder to app folder

6. Now, Create a folder name "framework"  inside "system" folder

7. Change command line directory to  "framework" folder and type

adb pull /system/framework

This will pull device's /system/framework folder  to framework folder.

8. Change the command line to baksmali folder and type.
java -jar baksmali-2.0.3.jar -d system/framework -x framework2.odex

This will create output folder name "out "with smali files in it. Now, We need to create a dex file using smali files inside out folder. To do that

9. java -jar smali-2.0.3.jar  -o classes.dex out

will generate classes.dex file. 

10. Download dex2jar ( and decompile the dex file to jar file

11. Use JD-GUI to see the java code (

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  1. Ok, and how to compile sources back to .odex?