Monday, September 26, 2016

How to get the Android device name (Settings->About->DeviceName) in Samsung ?

I wanted to get the device name specified in Settings->About->DeviceName but I did not see any method in Android SDK that you can call to obtain this information. why ? Because this is only specific to Samsung Android devices,  rather than a part of Android itself.

So, how to get the device name ??

1. i tried

BluetoothAdapter myDevice = BluetoothAdapter.getDefaultAdapter();
String deviceName = myDevice.getName();

This returns Galexy S5, useless

2.  android.os.Build.MODEL;

returns SM-G900H

3. Had to go deep. then i remembered android has a system values database. which is located at

So I pulled it from my Samsung and took a look


So, how to get this using shell

shell@k3g:/ $ settings get system device_name
settings get system device_name
Milky Way

Using java

String deviceName = Settings.System.getString(getContentResolver(), "device_name");

Github project

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